Emery Walker's House Exhibition Programme

Guided tours at Emery Walker's House conclude in our small exhibition space. Currently on display is our exhibition, titled The Walkers' Walls: A Study of Morris & Co. Wallpapers.  
The exhibit closes November 26th 2022.


In this exhibition we will be exploring Morris & Co. wallpaper from the perspective of the interiors of 7 Hammersmith Terrace. Visitors will take a journey from the initial design practice of William Morris right through to the hand blocked manufacturing process in order to better appreciate the creative process which produced the 10 different wallpapers that decorate Emery Walker’s House.


The Emery Walker Trust thanks its many financial supporters and donors, who have given generously to support the creation of this exhibition space 

Aldama Foundation

Henry Oldfield Trust

John S. Cohen Foundation

Jones Trust

Sackler Trust

Mary Wells

Garfield Weston Foundation

And others who wished to remain anonymous