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Specialist Tours & Events

Walking Tour

 Uncovering the Doves Press

3 March 2024 at 11am 

7 April 2024 at 11am







Join local Hammersmith mudlark Jason Sandy and Emery Walker House Curator Mallory Horrill on a walking tour where they will share the fascinating story of the Doves Press and the bitter feud between its founders.


The Doves Press was the most influential twentieth century typeface to emerge from the Arts and Crafts movement.  Yet the two friends who created it fell out spectacularly.  


For over 100 years, the Doves Type lay at the bottom of the River Thames after T.J. Cobden-Sanderson discarded them off Hammersmith Bridge to prevent Emery Walker from ever using them again.  This tour will explore the creation of the Doves Press, its loss and eventual recovery.


This walking tour will begin at Emery Walker's House and end at Hammersmith Bridge. The tour includes a private view of Emery Walker’s House to visit the Thames-side garden, historic dining room and mudlarking exhibition. The tour will be approximately one hour and a half in length. Walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing are advised.  

Tickets are £12



Evening 'Candlelit' House Tour

13 March 2024 at 6p

17 April 2024 at 6pm








Step into the early 1900s on our candlelit tour of Emery Walker's House.

Visitors will enjoy seeing 7 Hammersmith Terrace in low lighting, which creates a unique and special effect on wallpapers, textiles and furniture displayed within the house. . The tour includes a private view of the House's short-run mudlarking exhibition.

The tour starts at 6pm and will include a glass of wine. The tour will be approximately an hour and a quarter in length. Spaces are extremely limited.

The tour will be led by our Curator, Mallory Horrill.

Tickets are £20



Mudlarking Excursion

Footsteps of Mudlarks

3 March 2024 10.30am-12.30pm

14 April 2024 11am-1pm






Image Copyright: Thames Explorer Trust

A chance to get onto the foreshore at Millennium Bridge and find the archaeological surface artefacts revealed by the River Thames. Who knows what will be discovered - smoking pipes, drainpipes, pottery, bones…? There is lots of evidence of London's past to be found! 

This session is being run by the Thames Explorer Trust.


Meet Point: glass obelisk under Millennium Bridge, on the North Bank, we will explore the foreshore from the bridge to Queenhithe Dock. We are guaranteed to find pipes, pottery and lots of evidence as the twice daily tide reveals London's history.

Tickets are £25

*Further details (including Health and Safety) on the booking page via the link below



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 Online Talk Discovering & Digitally Recreating the Doves Type

24 April 2024 at 6pm







Image Copyright: Matthew William-Ellis

For 97 years, experts and enthusiasts searched in vain for the Doves type, thrown in the Thames by T.J. Cobden-Sanderson during a bitter dispute over its ownership with former Doves Press partner Emery Walker. Cobden-Sanderson had resolved to prevent Walker from having it: for five months between 1916 and 1917, he would take a small batch of type from the Doves Press across Hammersmith Bridge under cover of darkness and cast it into the Thames. He eventually disposed of the entire fount, over a ton of metal type.


In October 2014, Robert Green was the first to discover a portion of the lost type, part of his research for a project to redraw and digitise the famous Doves Roman typeface. Carefully retracing Cobden-Sanderson's route across Hammersmith Bridge, Green identified the spot where the fount was discarded almost a century before. After finding several pieces of type, he enlisted salvage divers from the Port of London Authority. Returning to the bridge with the divers in November 2014, a further 148 Doves sorts were recovered and used as references for his digital Doves type. 

In this talk, Robert will discuss the Doves type's creation and destruction, and his project to rediscover and resurrect it for the digital age. Robert Green is currently researching his PhD on the influence of the Doves Press.

Tickets are £7

This is a live talk, that takes place over zoom. Attendees will be sent the link the day of the talk. 


Online Talk

Arts & Crafts Women at Emery Walker's House, Part 11

20 March 2024 at 6pm 







The Women’s Guild of Arts was founded in 1907 as a reaction to the lack of professional art organisations open to female practitioners. Some of the key members of this pioneering group have a close relationship with Emery Walker’s House and their beautiful art work is represented in the collection, from intricate paintings to stunning ceramics. This talk will highlight the interconnections between three prominent artists of the Guild that were all close friends of Emery and Dorothy Walker; Katharine Adams, Louise Powell and Ethel Sandall.


Helen Elletson is Research Curator at Emery Walker’s House and also Curator of Research and Development at the William Morris Society.

Tickets are £7

This is a live talk, that takes place over zoom. Attendees will be sent the link the day of the talk. 

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