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Specialist Tours & Events

A Special Tour of Robin Tanner's Work  

15 October 2023 at 1pm 








Please join us for a very special tour of Emery Walker's House that will examine our collection of prints by noted artist, Robin Tanner (1904-1988) who was a friend of Elizabeth De Haas. Trained at the Goldsmiths School in the 1920s, Tanner is well-known as an artist, etcher and follower of Samul Palmer. Tanner is recognised for his pastoral scenes and was part of a larger movement to revive pastoral printmaking in the 20th century.

Attendees will enjoy a special tour of Emery Walker's House and a glass of wine.

Tickets are £25/General and £20/Friends.

Jolyon Drury is an author and expert on the revival and evolution of Pastoral Printmaking and the Goldsmiths School. He is the son of Paul Drury, a painter-etcher and classmate of Tanner at Goldsmiths School in 1921. He has recently published a book on the subject entitled, Revelation to Revolution: The Legacy of Samuel Palmer, the Revival and Evolution of Pastoral Printmaking by Paul Drury and the Goldsmiths School in the 20th Century.

robin tanner - caravan.jpeg

A Candlelit Tour of Emery Walker's House  

1 November 2023 at 6pm 








Step into the early 1900s on our candlelit tour of Emery Walker's House. Visitors will enjoy seeing 7 Hammersmith Terrace in low lighting, which creates a unique and special effect on wallpapers, textiles and furniture displayed within the house. 

The tour starts at 6pm and will include a glass of wine. Spaces are extremely limited. 

Tickets are £20/General and £17/Friends

The tour will be led by our Curator, Mallory Horrill. 

Candlelit Tour.jpg
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