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Emery Walkers House 7 Hammersmith Terrace dining room

Dining Room

The dining room at Emery Walker's House perfectly demonstrates the many layers of the house – the Morris textiles and hand blocked wallpaper, the Arts & Crafts ceramics and furniture, the knick-knacks and curiosities that make this feel like a family home. There are also many photographs,  often taken by Emery himself, of his friends and colleagues, who were leading cultural figures of the day.

One of the most striking elements of this room is the “Bird” pattern hanging, which spans the entire length of one wall. This hung in William and Jane Morris's Drawing Room nearby at Kelmscott House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith. The table displays a facsimile of The Doves Bible to demonstrate Emery’s influence on the Private Press Movement.

Look out for

The Morris Drawer

The drawer highlights the close relationship between both men and their families. It contains some of Morris’s personal items including his pens, spectacles and, rather poignantly, a cutting of his hair, with a note 'Morris' hair Oct.3 [day of Morris's death] 1896 cut off by Miss Gillespie for me E.W.' There is also a piece of wooden Kelmscott type.

17th Century Chair 

This chair was given to Walker by Jane, Morris’s widow. It once stood in the library at Kelmscott House. On its seat is a tapestry–covered cushion made especially by May Morris, with the dedication “MM to EW”.

Browning's Home Thoughts


This is an illuminated manuscript of the first page of Robert Browning’s "Home-Thoughts, From Abroad". Browning was a friend of Mary Walker’s.


Walker collected many ceramics on his travels. This picture shows him clutching a newly acquired jug in Toledo - see if you can spot it in the Dining Room.  Judging by his buttoned up attire, and coat draped over his arm, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a wintery shot. It was, in fact, snapped on a trip to Spain with The Art Workers' Guild in July.

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